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Wie man einen Song für UltraStar Deluxe erstellt (Updated)

Dies ist die deutsche Version des Tutorials, welche auf Nachfrage erstellt wurde. Das ursprüngliche englische Tutorial befindet si...

3846 Words | June 10, 2024

Winter 2024 Anime Retrospective

Ach ja, after having only watched a, compared to the following seasons, meager amount of three anime airing in Fall 2023, it was t...

3132 Words | May 28, 2024

Still thinking about Episode 7 of Gushing over Magical Girls

Ach ja, it is so Mahou Shoujover. Gushing over Magical Girls was one of my favorite anime of the winter season and despite a lot o...

1342 Words | May 24, 2024

KonoSuba LN: Bände 3-4

Ach ja, ich weiß nicht ganz warum, aber nachdem ich den Glauben daran endgültig bereits irgendwo Mitte letzten Jahres verloren hab...

3259 Words | May 20, 2024

Drawing Yukari Akiyama every day for a hundred days

Ach ja, as already teased in my previous drawing endeavor, the next character I would attempt to be drawing on a consistent basis ...

2894 Words | April 10, 2024

How to create a song for UltraStar Deluxe (Updated)

EDIT: This post is now available in German. Ach ja, around two years ago, I wrote a tutorial on this subject already. The old one ...

3895 Words | April 9, 2024

How to create a simple RSS Bot for Discord

Ach ja, somehow all the Discord Bot tutorials I came across kinda suck, mostly in terms of glancing over specific information or s...

1681 Words | April 1, 2024

Frieren: Beyond just Enjoyment

Ach ja, since this will probably be a short one (I lied), let’s do things differently this time and get to the main point im...

2090 Words | March 22, 2024

The Sea Beast: Breaking it down for Children

Ach ja, I am fascinated with children’s media, or rather with the the idea of media primarily targeted at children. If you k...

1859 Words | March 6, 2024

Ich habe Kumoko als Voxel Figur aus Holz gebastelt

Ach ja, vor ein bisschen mehr als zwei Jahren kam ich auf die zugegeben recht random Idee eine Voxelfigur aus Holz zu basteln und ...

3743 Words | February 21, 2024