Revisiting Tokyo Ghoul

Ach ja, for some reason even I can’t really explain, I thought it was a good idea to give Tokyo Ghoul a(nother) try. I genui...

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Aria of a Starless Night: The best SAO has ever been

Ach ja, Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night is the newest animated entry in the Sword Art Online franchise&hell...

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Zeta Gundam and Gender

Ach ja, my relationship with the mainline Gundam series is… strained. Conceptually, I’m really down for most of the t...

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Jeder kann eine Prinzessin sein! – Go! Princess Precure

*Spoiler für Go! Princess Precure* Ach ja, Haruka Haruno hat einen Traum. Seit sie ein kleines Kind war, wünscht sie sich nichts G...

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Frame Interpolation is great. Don't use it to "improve" animation!

Ach ja, you probably all know that one annoying friend complaining about your TV settings, right?. You don’t? Well, allow me...

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Live Action Attack on Titan and how not to approach an adaptation

Ach ja, I finally watched the two Live Action Attack on Titan movies. I say “finally”, but it was actually more morbid...

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Combatants Will Be Dispatched is a worse KonoSuba (and that is fine)

Ach ja, before even creating KonoSuba, Natsume Akatsuki apparently wrote the manuscript for Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, but ke...

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Let Nezuko out of the box! – Demon Slayer's underutilized female characters

Ach ja, I genuinely think Demon Slayer is pretty good. I could never really warm up to Shounen classic like Dragonball, Naruto and...

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Anime 2016 – Teil 3: Die Awards

Ach ja, der letzte Teil der Reihe über Anime 2016 dreht sich um einzelne kleine Kategorien, über welche ich nicht im Hauptteil red...

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Anime 2016 – Teil 2: Das Schlechte

Ach ja, dies ist der zweite Post der Reihe über Anime 2016. Da prinzipiell jeder Anime, welchen ich sehe, durch einen Filter bei m...

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