Winter 2024 Anime Retrospective

Ach ja, after having only watched a, compared to the following seasons, meager amount of three anime airing in Fall 2023, it was t...

3132 Words | May 28, 2024

Still thinking about Episode 7 of Gushing over Magical Girls

Ach ja, it is so Mahou Shoujover. Gushing over Magical Girls was one of my favorite anime of the winter season and despite a lot o...

1342 Words | May 24, 2024

Frieren: Beyond just Enjoyment

Ach ja, since this will probably be a short one (I lied), let’s do things differently this time and get to the main point im...

2090 Words | March 22, 2024

My favorite Anime Openings & Endings 2023

Ach ja, unlike the previous years, I actually watched a two-digit amount of anime from this very year. But before you applaud me f...

3443 Words | December 25, 2023

Mushoku Tensei is a lot of things

Ach ja, as frequent readers of this very blog must surely be aware, I am widely renowned for my impeccable decision making process...

5812 Words | September 13, 2023

Yuri is My Job!: The performance of Schwestern

Ach ja, summarizing the premise of Yuri is My Job! is actually a bit of an experience, as it is not only quite telling of me as a ...

2273 Words | June 29, 2023

Gimmick Isekai can be good: Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement

Ach ja, I can’t be the only one thinking about how a certain type of Isekai kind of keeps cannibalizing itself to the point ...

1677 Words | April 1, 2023

Expelled from Paradise: The conflict of humanity

Ach ja, Expelled from Paradise is an interesting film. Despite its conventional story structure, after all its layers are pulled b...

1661 Words | March 17, 2023

The Anime Awards 2023 and what I would change

Ach ja, since 2017, Crunchyroll holds their annual Anime Awards celebrating the best anime of the previous year with this year&rsq...

4795 Words | January 23, 2023

Weathering with You is not just another Your Name

Ach ja, yesterday, I watched Weathering with You with two friends and we really liked it. To be perfectly clear, my honest intenti...

1691 Words | December 11, 2022