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The Sea Beast: Breaking it down for Children

Ach ja, I am fascinated with children’s media, or rather with the the idea of media primarily targeted at children. If you k...

1859 Words | March 6, 2024

Descending into Live Action Anime and Manga Adaptations

Ach ja, live action adaptations. Seemingly the bane of existence for most anime and manga fans. Luckily, or unfortunately, I am no...

5105 Words | July 9, 2023

The Collector is a bad character and I hate them

Ach ja, The Owl House is great. It fantastically combines the episodic and moral-driven structure of a “normal” childr...

1648 Words | April 16, 2023

The Circle: Always one step away from parody

Ach ja, a bit of a personal anecdote: In the semester of english class covering topics like ideas of the future and utopian/dystop...

2298 Words | March 2, 2023

Love, Death & Robots Season 1 Overview

Ach ja, Love, Death & Robots is an anthology series of animated shorts loosely connected via the themes of love, death and rob...

4704 Words | July 24, 2022

Live Action Attack on Titan and how not to approach an adaptation

Ach ja, I finally watched the two Live Action Attack on Titan movies. I say “finally”, but it was actually more morbid...

5490 Words | May 26, 2022

The wish for a movie to be a different movie: I Am Mother

Ach ja, good criticism is hard. And before I go into the nature of criticism and where “constructive” criticism fails,...

1310 Words | November 25, 2021

I don't like edgy humor, but it can be great – Inside Job

Ach ja, humor is a rather tricky thing to get right for everyone. That’s why it probably never is. On one hand, I feel the n...

613 Words | October 31, 2021

Saving Private Ryan and how to be good, yet unclear

Ach ja, Saving Private Ryan is a good movie, at least in the sense of being genuinely engaging and fun to watch (though not necess...

1142 Words | October 20, 2021