Getting out of World of Tanks

Ach ja, it was inevitable. After almost one and a half years of actively watching streams of the game, I decided to get back into ...

1780 Words | January 9, 2023

Getting fit with Wii Fit: Month 6

Ach ja, half a year ago, I came to the conclusion that I need to get (Wii) fit and apparently I am still here and kicking. This po...

1667 Words | July 14, 2022

A (probably) way too harsh critique of Sakura Sadist

Ach ja, similar to Highschool Romance, Sakura Sadist is a visual novel I recorded with friends mostly for shits and giggles. Unlik...

1512 Words | June 12, 2022

Getting fit with Wii Fit: Month 3

Ach ja, it’s been three months since I started *in edgy mid-2000 narrator voice* getting fit (with Wii Fit). Yep, I kept at ...

2490 Words | April 14, 2022

Das Übersetzen von Sakura Sadist

Ach ja, wie sonst auch alles in meinen Leben, welches ich früher oder später ernst nahm und Zeit darin investierte, fing es mit ei...

3777 Words | March 20, 2022

A (probably) way too harsh critique of Highschool Romance

Ach ja, just recently, I finished playing Highschool Romance and with “playing” I mean recording it with my friend and...

3133 Words | March 11, 2022

Getting fit with Wii Fit: Month 1

Ach ja, I finally had enough and actually decided to get into shape… and I plan to do so, by playing Wii Fit (Plus)! Okay&h...

4604 Words | February 13, 2022

Getting back into World of Tanks

Ach ja, in terms of in-game time, World of Tanks is without a doubt my most played game by a landslide or two. Accumulate the time...

4911 Words | February 1, 2022

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days – God's Blessing on this Dull Gacha Game!

Ach ja, I fucking love KonoSuba! I love its two seasons and the movie, enjoy the manga adaptation and am eager to finally read the...

1037 Words | October 21, 2021