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KonoSuba LN: Band 1

Ach ja, es ist inzwischen über fünfeinhalb Jahre her, dass ich zum ersten Mal mit KonoSuba in Kontakt gekommen bin und aus irgende...

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I have started using Linux

Ach ja, this was a long time overdue. Like most people, I am a Windows user, starting with Windows Vista in ye olde times, up unti...

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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days – God's Blessing on this Dull Gacha Game!

Ach ja, I fucking love KonoSuba! I love its two seasons and the movie, enjoy the manga adaptation and am eager to finally read the...

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Pokémon – Der Film: Geheimnisse des Dschungels

Ach ja, die Pokémon Filme sind eine interessante Sache. Bis zum Sonne und Mond Anime waren sie immer diese Begleitstücke, welche z...

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Saving Private Ryan and how to be good, yet unclear

Ach ja, Saving Private Ryan is a good movie, at least in the sense of being genuinely engaging and fun to watch (though not necess...

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Getting into Fate is not that hard, actually

Ach ja, from the outside, Fate must seem like this unclimbable Mega-Franchise. Just typing “fate” into the MyAnimeList...

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It never gets good – Judging Anime by its first episodes

Ach ja, the 3-episode rule is an interesting topic. While at first glance seeming like a sound idea, it predisposes an unhelpful w...

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Iron Blooded Orphans: Alaya-Vijnana make better Newtype

Ach ja, about three weeks ago, I made a video about Gundam Unicorn and how its Laplace’s Box is, like, really good. I spend ...

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Kantai Collection shouldn't be this good!

Ach ja, gotta be honest here for a second: I never actually intended to watch KanColle. It initially come up on my radar at the ti...

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Gundam Unicorn und die Brillanz der Laplace-Büchse

Intro *Spoiler für Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack und Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn* Ach ja, Medi...

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