I don't like edgy humor, but it can be great – Inside Job


Ach ja, humor is a rather tricky thing to get right for everyone. That’s why it probably never is. On one hand, I feel the need to explain what I mean by “edgy humor” but on the other hand, one probably just gets what I mean. Does Inside Job necessarily fall into the edgy category? Not really, but it is definitely closer to Rick and Morty than Gravity Falls, so I figured.

To make one thing clear from the beginning, I like Inside Job and think it is funny. Took me some episodes to get warmed up to it, but yeah, it is good. My only gripe basically comes down to how mean everyone is. Call me overly sensitive, delicate and insecure, but I am just not big of a fan of Inside Jobs general vibe. It is, well… edgy. Edge sometimes feels like this weird defense mechanism to properly engage with something vulnerable or earnest, which Inside Job absolutely has going for it. There are no intrinsic problems for its narrative or something fundamentally wrong about it, just not my cup of tea.

With the exception of Reagan and Brett, everyone else is a complete asshole and not the charming kind. At the end of the first season, Inside Job makes a point that everyone is friends and that they treat each other, maybe not as a family, but as a work family and I am simply not buying it and even if I were to believe it, this is not the kind of friendship I would like to see. There is no love, just slightly aggressive remarks and snarky comments personally directed to kick someone down. I too act like that sometimes between close friends, but I never go even slightly that hard. For me, they crossed the line too often.

The very premise itself also kinda goes into that direction. Big fan of what they achieved with the idea of “The deep state is real and all those conspiracies are true, actually”, but there is a certain cynicism to it that doesn’t feel quite right for me. I had the same feeling watching Hazbin Hotel; why must everything be so negative for it to be funny? Maybe I am just primed in that direction, as I am also currently watching another season of PreCure, which might be the complete opposite on the wholesome-edgy scale. It doesn’t have to be like that though. KonoSuba parodies other Isekai by punching up and its characters, while arguing constantly, never feel mean. This is my comfort zone and Inside Job just goes out a bit too much.

Beyond that, there are some other reasons that may increase that very feeling, since I often feel out of the loop. I am not old and american enough for most of the references. Sure, I have heard of Judge Judy but here in germany, we know only Barbara Salesch. The same can be said about Oprah and most other celebrities. I sure liked the 80’s episode where Reagan didn’t get the references either, but for a good amount of time, I feel like I should have more fun than I am currently having.

Anyway, a second season is announced and I am looking forward to it. I really liked Reagan and her self-reflection and hope that it becomes a bigger focus down the line, as it were the parts I was most interested in that were also not just pure gold comedy. Most of Inside Jobs may be mean, but it sure is funny when it needs to be. If you like Rick and Morty, you will probably enjoy Inside Job.

Inside Job is available on Netflix.

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